Some great books that came out yesterday! What did you pick up? 

Fables #145: 
Deadly Class #8: 
Hulk #7 (Stomp Out Bullying Cover): 
Death of Wolverine #4 (Midtown Cover):

Some of the biggest comics coming out tomorrow! What are you looking forward to the most? Find the full list here!

Death of Wolverine #4 (Midtown Connecting Cover)
Deadly Class #8
Edge of Spider-Verse #5 (Gerard Way)
Batman Superman #15 (Monsters Cover)






Some of the many funny Batman and Alfred moments over the years. BROTP.

"Leave the tray, please." 


"I give you my word, I did not plan that."
The fact that he had to defend himself is the best part.

Whenever Bruce angsts about how hard it is not having parents I feel bad for Alfred.

Like , kinda throwing it all in his face there, Bats.