Bryan Lee O’Malley Chooses Winners in ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Coloring Contest

“My work is basically youth-oriented. Tumblr is where the kids hang out these days, so I’ve been running my blog there for the past six months or so,” O’Malley told ComicsAlliance. “There’s a level of direct interaction that I really enjoy having, but the site is mediated enough that I feel protected from, like, maniacs. Running a contest all by myself was actually really easy. Tumblr just feels like it’s intelligently constructed as a platform.

“The thing about ‘tumblr kids’ is that the average talent level seems to be really high. I got over six hundred entries in this coloring contest. Probably 200 of these entries are people who could be professionally coloring comics right now if they weren’t 17-years-old. The creativity of the entries blew me away.”

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